1. Dates are effective in relieving stress and tension.
Dates are very beneficial in treating the symptoms of menopausal disorders or cold hands and feet and nausea. The sweetness of the date helps the heart to improve blood circulation and serves as a sedative to alleviate depression, especially for women. In particular, test-takers will benefit from the date because it eases tension and soothes feelings of agitation.
2. Dates strengthen the digestive system.
Dates make the digestive system strong and help restore the functions of the internal organs. When taken by those who suffer from digestive disorders, the date makes the stomach comfortable, strengthens the spleen, corrects the lack of resin, and energizes the stomach to stimulate the appetite. In particular, the date is good for constitutionally soeumin.
The date is especially effective in curing pains, loss of appetite, lassitude and powerlessness that result from a cold and weakened stomach and the symptom of vomiting stomach acid. Furthermore, it heals frequent vomiting caused by the perspiration of the stomach. It¡¯s also effective in preventing diarrhea for those who have a weakened stomach after eating food that had gone bad.
3. The date strengthens the respiratory organ.
Widely used as a traditional remedy, the date strengthens the heart and the lungs, cures coughing, vitalizes the internal organs and relieves anxiety. In a word, the date works well for colds. It's recommendable to take some dates when you have a dry cough due to a lack of resin and your cough is loud.
4. Dates are good for insomnia.
The seed of the date is rich in contents that ease tension and help you sleep well. In a word, it can be called a natural sleeping pill. Therefore, it's desirable to boil and take the whole date with the seed in it or grind the seed into powder and take it with water.
5. Dates are good for arthritis or rheumatism as they ease muscle tension.
The date not only releases the muscle tension, but also soothes infection. So, it¡¯s great for arthritis or rheumatism.
6. Dates keep the body warm and cure leukorrhea.
As part of a warm diet, the date has been used since long ago to cure leukorrhea. The dried date, when boiled and eaten, warms your body and improves blood circulation to keep your skin shiny. According to the wisdom of oriental medicine, the date is very effective for serious leukorrhea if you mix one-hop of the date with Siberian chrysanthemum, boil them together and drink three cups a day a day or if you bathe your genitalia with this solution. Traditionally, the date has been more popular with women than men.
7. The date is a diuretic and good for dieting.
Because the date is a diuretic, it can be used for dieting purposes. The date also decreases cholesterol levels. If you drink date tea frequently, it is good for dieting because it stimulates the urinary function. In the case of urinary frequency and cystitis after giving a birth, it¡¯s recommendable to make the date tea with 1 liter of water and five or six dates and take three times a day.
8. The date is a tonic.
The date is used for a wide variety of purposes in herbal medicine because it helps weakened internal organs recover their strength by protecting the internal organs and stimulating resins. Therefore, if you take the date tea with ginseng, it will vitalize your body, heighten appetite and dispel toxins. If you take date tea for acute or chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis, the tea will vitalize the liver and increase the secretion of bile. Therefore, the date is effective in detoxifying the liver. In addition, the date serves as a tonic for pregnant women and helps the fetus grow strong, protects the five viscera and stimulates blood circulation.
9. The date is effective in preventing cancer.
The vitamins, dietary fiber, flavonoids and mineral contents of the date are effective in preventing cancer as well as slowing the aging process. Among other things, the dietary fiber in the date adheres to and discharges carcinogenic substances from the body. In addition, the beta-carotene contained in the date can remove harmful active oxygen. The date is also antiallegic effect.
10. The date promotes women¡¯s health.
The date has been regarded a mysterious food that is effective particularly in preventing aging and curing women¡¯s diseases in oriental medicine. If taken for a long time, the date rejuvenates the body and prevents aging. The date increases moisture in facial skin and improves blood circulation to prevent constipation. The emperors or empresses of ancient China enjoyed the date as part of a ¡°no-aging¡± diet.
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