Saeng Saeng Scandal (walnut pieces) 160g
Product Name : Saeng Saeng Scandal (walnut pieces) 160g
Country of Origin : Jujube (domestically produced), peeled off walnut (U.S. produced)
Ingredients : Jujube 31.2%, walnut 68.8%

Product Description : Big quality Jujubes are carefully selected and cleaned. After the seeds are removed, they are sliced into bite sizes. After the drying and maturing process, it is well mixed with walnuts. The product name is Saeng Saeng Scandal.
Please look forward to our next Saeng Saeng Scandal (peanuts and pine nuts pieces).

Preservation Method : You can enjoy the mixed sweet Jujubes and walnuts for a long time when you tightly shut the lid and keep it in a cool place.
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