Gyeongsan Saeng Saeng dry Jujube

We only carefully select Jujubes that are of excellent quality, and these are exclusively produced in the Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang area that is known for its optimum soil conditions and where Jujube cultivation is blessed with fine natural weather and abundant sunshine.
Soak the tea and enjoy it in either the hot summer or cold winter. It will help you to avoid colds and will have a beneficial effect on your respiratory system. Or, just chew and eat it, it will be good to for your digestive system and help with constipation problems. It gives you glossy looking skin, a warm feeling and helps prevent the sensation of cold hands and feet.
Jujube is one of the best products for health and it is a great choice for hot tea, for ceremonial occasions or as gift to friends or family.

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